Kathy Hilton

Apr. 7, 1959: Born as Kathy Elizabeth Richards in Whittier, California to Kathleen Fenton and Kenneth Richards

Sept. 19, 1964: Sister Kim is born.

Jan. 11, 1969: Brother Kyle is born.

Feb. 4, 1971: Plays Carol in an episode of Family Affair.

Nov. 8, 1977: Plays Gertie on an episode of Happy Days.

Nov.15, 1977: Plays Gertie one last time on Happy Days.

1978: Marries Richard Hilton

1979: Plays Shelley Warner in the sci-fi horror The Dark.

Feb.17, 1981: Gives birth to first daughter Paris Whitney Hilton.

Oct. 5, 1983: Gives birth to second daughter Nicholai Olivia Hilton.

Nov. 7, 1989: Gives birth to first son Barron Nicholas Hilton.

Mar. 3, 1994: Gives birth to second son Conrad Hughes Hilton.

2002: Begins selling merchandise on cable TV's home shopping network

Dec. 2, 2003: Appears on Paris Hilton's reality show, The Simple Life as herself.

June 2005: Hosts NBC's reality show I Want to be a Hilton.