Dr Pepper

Dr. Pepper

Posted on January 11, 2015

Charles Alderton, of Waco, Texas invents Dr. Pepper. It is one of many carbonated flavors he personally has made, and serves at the Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store. But one in particular is asked for the most, “Shoot me a Waco” customers would say.

Late 1880s
Morrison, the owner of the store Alderton works at, comes up with the name Dr. Pepper, naming it after a friend of his, Dr. Charles Pepper. At this time, Dr. Pepper has a period.

Unable to keep up with consumer demand, Alderton and Morrison are open to suggestions. In comes in Robert S. Lazenby, owner of the The Circle “A” Ginger Ale Company. He likes what he sees, and after Alderton decides not pursue a career in the soft drink business, Morrison and Lazenby form the Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company, later becoming The Dr. Pepper Company.

20 million people attend the World’s Fair Exposition, in St. Louis and are treated not only hamburger and hot dog buns and ice cream cones, they are introduced to Dr. Pepper.

1910 – 1914
These slogans appear: “King of Beverages” and “Old Doc.”

1920s – 1930s
Its trademark character is a cartoon country doctor with a monocle and top hat.

The slogan “The friendly Pepper-Upper” appears.

Late 1950s
The period is taken out of Dr Pepper.

A common slogan appears, “The most misunderstood soft drink.”

It becomes “The most original soft drink ever in the whole wide world.”

The “Be a Pepper” campaign begins.

7UP and Dr. Pepper merge into one company.

May 11, 1991
The Dr Pepper Museum opens to the public.

Cadbury Schweppes, buys out the Dr Pepper/7 UP company.

On its 105th Anniversary can the initials IMK appear within a heart in memory of Mark Kloster’s late grandmother, Iona Kloster.

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