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Red Bull Timeline

1982: Dietrich Mateschitz gets the idea for Red Bull from a Thai
beverage called Krating Daeng.

1984: Mateschitz gets a local pharmacy to manufacture his Red Bull ingredients.

1987: Red Bull Energy Drink debuts on the Austrian market and becomes an instant success.

1992: Red Bull debuts in its first foreign market, Hungary.

2000: Ross Cooney dies from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in Limerick, Ireland. The four cans of Red Bull he drank before playing in a basketball game are suspected in the death.

2001: Swedish National Food Administration investigates Red Bull after three Swedish consumers die after drinking Red Bull.

Nov. 15, 2004: Red Bull purchases its own Formula One team, Jaguar, from the Ford Motor Company.

Late 2004: Canada lifts its ban on Red Bull but the version in Canada is the caffeinated version of Thai Krating Daeng and must contain the warning label: "Cautions: Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, caffeine sensitive persons or to be mixed with alcohol. Do not consume more than 500 ml per day."

2005: In Canada, the CBC sends three ten-year old girls undercover to see if they can buy Red Bull at a local 7-11 store. They come back with cans of Red Bull.

Sept. 2005: Red Bull purchases another Formula One team, Minardi.

April 6, 2005: Red Bull buys the Austrian football team, SV Austria Salzburg, and changes its name to Red Bull Salzburg.


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