Posted on January 13, 2015

Everyone loves fudge and anyone who says they don’t love fudge is either lying or is an alien. Here’s our fudge timeline so you can see where all that fudgy goodness came from.

Before 1886
The exact origin of fudge is not known, but it is said to have originated from a “fudged” batch of caramels, hence the name “fudge.”

A Vassar student’s cousin sells fudge in Baltimore for 40 cents a pound. This is the first known sale of fudge.

Emelyn Battersby Hartridge, a student at Vassar College, learns of her classmate’s cousin and his fudge.

Emelyn Hartridge gets her hands on the fudge recipe and makes 30 pounds of it for the Vassar Senior Auction.

The first fudge shop is opened in Mackinac Island, Michigan. The island eventually becomes famous for its fudge.

Murdick’s Candy Kitchen on Mackinac Island, Michigan wows visitors by making its fudge on marble slabs, giving their fudge a unique taste and turning the fudgemaking process into a show.

By this time people came up with the idea of undercooking fudge so they could pour it over ice cream. This is how the hot fudge sundae is born.

C.C. Browns, an ice cream parlor in Hollywood, is officially credited with inventing the hot fudge sundae.

A fudge recipe that uses evaporated milk and requires less cooking is introduced. It is called “Mamie’s Fudge” or “White House Fudge” and is rumored to have been invented by Mamie Eisenhower.

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