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Bratz Dolls Timeline

June 2001
MGA Entertainment releases the first Bratz dolls.
Dec. 2001
The Bratz line beocmes the #1 seller in the Fashion Doll Assortment category.
Bratz dolls win the People's Choice award for Toy of the Year at the New York Toy Fair.
Feb. 17, 2002
Ubisoft releases a Bratz video game for the PC.
Fall 2002
Meygan is added to the Bratz line. Dylan and Cameron are added to the Bratz Boyz line. Dylan is "the fox because he's slick." Cameron is "the blaze because he's hot."
June 2003
Two new boys, Eitan and Koby, are added to the Bratz Boys line. Eitan is "the dragon because he's a nonstop hotshot." Koby is "the panther because he's always on the prowl."
Fall 2003
The Bratz Boyz line drops the "Bratz" and is now called "Boyz." Another boy, Cade, joins the four other "Boyz" bringing the total to five.
Aug. 3, 2004
Bratz - Starrin' & Stylin', an animated feature film, is released direct to video.
July 26, 2005
A Bratz album, Rock Angelz, is released. The single "So Good" goes to #23 on the UK Singles Chart.
Sept. 13, 2005
Bratz - Rock Angelz, an animated feature film, is released direct to video.

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