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Posted on January 13, 2015

Hollywood conjures up so many images and feelings in many of us – movies or actors that we love, childhood dreams of being a star – but how did Hollywood as a place come to be? Here’s our Hollywood timeline.

Harvey Wilcox, a transplant from Kansas, buys 160 acres of land west of Los Angeles in order to found a conservative community. His wife Daeida meets a woman on a train who speaks of her summer home called Hollywood. She convinces her husband to name their new community Hollywood.

The community is incorporated as Hollywood. Wilcox, a prohibitionist, bans the sale of alcohol in the community except by pharmacists.

Hollywood officially becomes a part of Los Angeles in order to benefit from the water and sewage systems.

David Horsley purchases the Blondeau Tavern on Sunset Boulevard and turns it into the Nestor Film Company, Hollywood’s first film studio.

The first feature-length film, The Squaw Man, is released. Its creators – Samuel Goldwyn, Cecil B. DeMille, and Jesse Lasky – made the film in a barn a block away from what is now the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

The Charlie Chaplin Studios are built just south of Sunset.

The Hollywood sign, which originally reads “Hollywoodland,” is put up. It is an advertisement for a Hollywood Hills housing development. After the advertisement is over, the sign remains and is negelected.

May 18, 1927
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre has its Grand Opening in Hollywood. The film shown that evening is Cecil B. DeMille’s The King of Kings. A riot breaks out as onlookers try to see the stars entering the theater for the premiere.

May 19, 1927
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre opens to the public.

May 16, 1929
The first Academy Awards ceremony and banquet takes place in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce takes charge of the Hollywood signing, removing the “land” and repairing the letters that now spell, simply, “Hollywood.”

The now-landmark Capitol Records building is erected on Vine Street.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is created.

The first star is placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The celebrity honored is Joanne Woodward.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is declared a historical and cultural landmark.

The Kodak Theatre opens on Hollywood Blvd in the location of the old Hollywood Hotel.

A group of Hollywood residents campaign for secession from Los Angeles.

Nov. 2002
The secession referendums go on the ballot during the November election. To succeed, there needs to be a majority of voters not just from Hollywood, but the whole of Los Angeles. The referendums are not voted in.

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