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Madonna Timeline

Aug. 16, 1958
Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone is born in Bay City, Michigan to Sylvio Ciccone and Madonna Fortin.
Mother dies of breast cancer.
Her father marries Joan Gustafson.
Graduates from Rochester Adams High School as a straight A student. She also gets a dance scholarship from the University of Michigan.
Drops out of the University of Michigan and migrates to New York City. Becomes a nude model.
Plays drums and does vocals for the punk/pop band The Breakfast Club.
Throws away the drumsticks and leaves The Breakfast Club and joins the punk/pop band Emmy which dispands shortly after.
Sire Records signs her and soon after her song "Everybody" is an instant success in the gay dance scene.
Sept. 3, 1983
Debut album Madonna is released.
March 1984
Her album Madonna goes certified gold.
Nov. 12, 1984
Releases Like a Virgin.
Dec. 1984
Appears on the cover of Rolling Stone.
March 29, 1985
Stars in her movie debut in Desperately Seeking Susan alongside Rosanna Arquette.
Aug. 16, 1985
Marries Sean Penn.
Sept. 1985
Lee Friedlander's 1978 nudes of Madonna, appear in Playboy and Penthouse. When asked about the photos turning up like this, she replies, "So what?"
July 19, 1986
Releases third album True Blue.
Late June 1986
The song "Papa Don't Preach" attracts the ire of religious groups even though it's about giving birth, not abortion.
According to biographer Andrew Morton, she has an affair with John F. Kennedy, Jr.
According to Andrew Morton, she sleeps with Sandra Bernhard.
Signs a multi-million deal with Pepsi.
March 21, 1989
Releases fourth album, Like a Prayer.
Sept. 14, 1989
Files for divorce from Sean Penn because of spousal abuse.
June 15, 1990
Plays Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy alongside Warren Beatty, whom she briefly dates.
Dec. 1, 1990
Releases The Immaculate Collection.
Tries to seduce Michael Jackson but fails. However, she has no problem seducing Vanilla Ice that year.
May 10, 1991
Releases concert tour documentary Truth Or Dare.
July 1, 1992
Stars in A League of Their Own alongside Rosie O'Donnell.
Oct. 1992
Publishes the aluminum-jacketed book Sex.
Oct. 20, 1992
Releases sixth album Erotica.
Dates backetball star Dennis Rodman.
Oct. 25, 1994
Releases the album Bedtime Stories.
Oct. 14, 1996
Gives birth to first child, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. The father is Carlos Leon. She names the child after the place where Bernadette Soubirous experienced visions of Jesus.
Dec. 27, 1996
Stars as Evita in .
Becomes a member of Kabbalah.
Aug. 1997
Freddy DeMann, her manager for fourteen years, steps down.
March 3, 1998
Releases the album Ray of Light.
Sept. 19, 2000
Releases the album Music.
May 17, 2000
Her boyfriend Guy Ritchie is arrested for assaulting a fan outside her home.
Aug. 11, 2000
Gives birth to second child, Rocco John Ritchie.
Dec. 22, 2000
Marries Ritchie at Skibo Castle in Scotland.
Stars in Swept Away, directed by Ritchie. The film is a remake of Lina Wertmuller's beloved film, Swept Away by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August. Ritchie's version is a flop at the box office.
April 2, 2003
Releases the album American Life.
Aug. 29, 2003
Madonna and Britney kiss mouth-to-mouth during their performance of "Like a Virgin" on the MTV Music Video Awards.
Sept. 2003
Publishes first children's book, The English Roses.
Dec. 22, 2003
Marries Guy Ritchie (Snatch director) in Skibo Castle, Scotland.
Nov. 29, 2003
Says Britney Spears is like a little sister.
Aug. 13, 2004
Gives Ciccone Vineyard, her dad's vineyard, a half million pounds. Her dad, a proud man, insisted he pay her back by making her a major shareholder.
Aug. 19, 2004
Buys Britney Spears a Kabbalah book as an engagement present.
Sept. 3, 2004
JW Lees, a Manchester brewery, names a beer after her called Material Girl Ale.
Sept. 17, 2004
Two of her Kabbalah bodyguards are arrested for brawling with photographers outside the Tel Aviv hotel.
Dec. 22, 2004
Renews vows with Guy Ritchie.
Jan. 7, 2005
Madonna donates 10,000 bottles of Kabbalah water to South Asian tsunami victims.
May 1, 2005
Boy George says, "If Madonna were a drag queen, she would be called Ruth Less."
May 5, 2005
Rumored to have turned down Britney's request to be godmother to be her child.
June 2005
Publishes second children's book, Lotsa de Casha.
June 9, 2005
Opens the Hotel Kabbalah in London.
July 19, 2005
Takes horse riding lessons in he Stag Lodge Stables, in Richmond Park, London.
Aug. 8, 2005
Convinces Britney Spears to donate $32,000 to Spirituality for Kids, a Kabbalah club, so Britney's baby will be accepted into Kabbalah.
Aug. 16, 2005
During the celebration of her 47th birthday, falls from horse and breaks her collarbone, her hand, and cracks three ribs.
Sept. 7, 2005
Becomes first celebrity to receive a call on the new Apple iPod.
Sept. 21, 2005
Madonna and Ritchie are booed at the premiere of his new film, Revolver, because they refuse to sign autographs for fans.

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