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Primo Levi Timeline

July 31, 1919: Primo Levi is born in Turin, Italy to liberal, well-to-do Jewish parents.

1941: Graduates from the University of Turin with a degree in chemistry.

1943: He tries to join the Italian anti-Fascist resistance.

Dec. 13, 1943: He is arrested by the occupying Germans.

1944: He is sent to Auschwitz.

Jan. 27, 1945: The Russian Allies free Levi and the other remaining survivors of Auschwitz, including Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank.

1958: Publishes If this is a Man.

1963: Publishes The Truce.

1975: Publishes The Periodic Table.

1977: Retires from his position at SIVA to concentrate on his writing career.

1978: Publishes a collection of short stories entitled The Monkey's Wrench.

1981: Publishes Moments of Reprieve.

1982: Publishes If not Now, When.

1986: Publishes The Drowned and the Saved.

March 1987: Levi has prostate surgery.

April 11, 1987: Levi falls to his death from the third floor of his apartment in Turin, the same apartment in which he was born, of an apparent suicide.

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