Posted on January 13, 2015

From its invention in 1954 by a wealthy couple to play aboard their yacht to its popularity through the years, Yahtzee has stood the test of time. Here’s our Yahtzee timeline.

A wealthy Canadian couple invents the game to play aboard their yacht. They call it the “Yacht Game.” It becomes a huge hit with their friends.

They approach game manufacturer Edwin S. Lowe and ask him to create a few sets so they can give them as gifts to their friends. He loves the game and buys the rights from them, changing the name to Yahtzee.

Late 1950s
The game doesn’t catch on immediately because the game is hard to describe in advertisements. Lowe knows that people will love it once they play it, so he organizes “Yahtzee parties” and the game takes off from there.

The Milton Bradley Company buys the E.S. Lowe Company and acquires the rights to Yahtzee.

June 1975
An American game show based on Yahtzee debuts. It is called Spin-Off and the host is Jim Lange. The show only lasts for two months.

Sept. 1984
Hasbro, Inc. acquires the Milton Bradley Company and the Yahtzee game.

Hasbro Interactive releases the first Ultimate Yahtzee computer version.

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