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Andy Kaufman Timeline

Jan. 17, 1949
Born as Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman in New York City to Janice and Stanley Kaufman.
Attends Saddle Rock Elementary.
Begins to perform in front of family and friends.
Is transferred to Baker Hill Elementary.
At the age of eight people begin to hire him to entertain at children's parties.
His Elvis Presley fetish begins.
Sept. 1962
Attends Great Neck North Junior High School.
May 17, 1963
Kaufman, his father Stanley, and his brother Michael go to a wrestling match at Madison Square Garden where "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers loses his World Championship to Bruno Sammartino. Kaufman decides that he wants to be a professional wrestler someday.
Takes the Otis Gamma test and scores an IQ of 144.
Begins to charge for his performances at children's parties.
Attends Great Neck North High School.
Becomes a beatnik and begins to religiously hang out in Greenwich.
Graduates from Great Neck North High School.
Summer 1967
Scores a zero on the psychology test given to him by the U.S. Army and gets a 4-F deferrment from the draft. He is not sent to Viet Nam.
Starts drinking and taking drugs.
Works as a meat deliverer, cab driver, and dishwasher.
Attends Boston's Grahm Junior College where he learns meditation and applies it just before appearing on stage.
Nov. 20, 1968
Stops using non-prescription drugs.
It is said that he hitch-hikes to Las Vegas to meet Elvis and hides in a Las Vegas Hilton kitchen cabinet. When Elvis wanders by he pops out to show him a novel he wrote about him. Elvis pats him on the back and blesses him.
He begins to perform stand-up comedy at coffee shops and nightclubs all along the east coast. Many of his skits involve Elvis impersonations.
His seventeen-year-old girlfriend gives birth to their daughter Maria Colonna. They put her up for adoption.
May 29, 1971
Graduates from Boston's Grahm Junior College with an associates degree in applied science.
Performs full-time at New York and LA comedy and improv clubs. Members of the audience either walk out during his performances, become rowdy, or are simply disinterested.
Is discovered by Improvisation comedy club owner Bud Friedman.
Hosts The Midnight Special.
Feb. 6, 1974
On 47 East 59th Street, he referees a hamburger eating contest at Burger King.
Oct. 11, 1975
Lorne Michaels asks Kaufman to appear on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live.
June 23, 1976
Is a guest on Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show.
Nov. 1976
Plays a psychotic assassin cop in God Told Me To.
Aug. 1978
Works as a part-time bus boy for Posh Bagel on Santa Monica Blvd.
Sept. 12, 1978
Gets the part of Latka Gravas on ABC's Taxi with Danny DiVito.
Nov. 1978
Begins the National College Sex Concert Tour. Women who send him pictures receive a thank you note with a backstage pass and an appointment to meet him in his dressing room for private meetings.
Nov. 21, 1978
Appears as a contestant on The Dating Game but the bachelorette doesn't select him.
At the Golden Globe Awards, he insults his Taxi co-stars and in return, Jeff Conaway punches him.
He begins his reign as World Inter-gender Wrestling Champion. He challenges any woman to beat him for his belt, as well as receive one thousand dollars for their troubles. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to wrestle tonight . . .This is not a comedy routine, this is not a skit. Okay? This is real! I am here to wrestle a woman!"
Sept. 26, 1980
Plays Armageddon T. Thunderbird in In God We Trust with Richard Pryor.
Aug. 1980
Begins to save his hate mail with the plan to publish a book titled: Andy Kaufman's Hate Mail.
Defends his Intergender Championship at Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan and wins. He says to those who feel his wrestling is an insult to women, " "Well, I'm not really a wrestler, though the last couple of years that I've been doing it in my concerts I've learned a lot about it by just doing it. I wanted to recapture the old days of the carnivals where (before television) wrestlers used to go from town to town and offer $500 to any man that could last in the ring with them for three minutes. So I figured if I could offer a prize, make it like a contest, it could get very, very exciting. And it turned out to be like one of the highlights, one of the most exciting parts of the concert. But I couldn't very well challenge men in the audience because I'd get beaten right away. I mean most men are bigger than me and stronger than me. So I figured if I challenged women there are enough women who are almost as big, or as big as me and they would have a good chance to beat me."
Feb. 20, 1981
He is guest host for ABC's new comedy show Fridays where, during the last sketch, he incites a scuffle with the cast members.
Feb. 27, 1981
ABC's Fridays airs a video-taped apology. He says, "It was an experimental piece...something different. This has been a very hard week for me. Because of last week's show, my job at Taxi is in agent is having trouble convincing anybody to hire me." He then says to the audience "I think you laughing at it is pretty tasteless. Thanks to last week, I'm in a separation with my wife...I was just trying to have fun." Then he begins to cry.
Oct. 11, 1981
Defends his World Intergender Wrestling Championship at Playboy's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino against Playboy Playmate, Susan (Miss September) Smith. He wins the match and when finding out the proceeds are being donated to charity, Kaufman replies, "Charity? Nobody said anything about charity. I want my money. I earned it. If you want charity, go get Jerry Lewis."
Dec. 19, 1981
Plays Val in Heartbeeps.
Saturday Night Live holds a call-in poll. The end results have viewers voting Kaufman off the show forever.
Gets in a feud with pro-wrestler Jerry Lawler.
Feb. 17, 1982
Not liking Albert Goldman's biography of Elvis, he challenges Goldman to a wrestling match on Late Night with David Letterman. Goldman never answers the challenge.
April 5, 1982
At the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman finally happens with Lawler pile-driving Andy and putting him in the hospital, supposedly seriously injuring his cervical vertebrae. Because piledrivers are illegal for this match, Kaufman wins and keeps his undefeated streak going.
July 8, 1982
On Late Night with David Letterman, Jerry Lawler slaps Andy out of his chair. Andy curses him and threatens to sue him leading to Andy running out of the studio.
Dec. 11, 1983
Is diagnosed with lung cancer.
March 20, 1984
Leaves for Manila in the Philippines to get treated by psychic healer Jun Labo two times every day for six weeks. Labo supposedly removes large bloody clumps of tissue from Kaufman's chest that may have been actual human tissue or nothing more than animal guts.
May 16, 1984
Kaufman dies of lung cancer at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA. For the longest time, people think it's just another one of his gags. He is buried in Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY.
Kaufman's first child, Maria, traces down her biological parents and reunites with the Kaufmans.
Jim Carrey plays Andy in Man in the Moon.
May 16, 2004
Kaufman always joked about faking his death and returning twenty years later so his friends hold a "Welcome Back Andy" party but he never shows up.

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