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Beverly D'Angelo Timeline

Nov. 15, 1951: Born as Beverly D'Angelo in Columbus, Ohio. Her father is a big-band musician and her mother an amateur violinist.

April 20, 1977: Makes her flim debut in a small part in Woody Allen's Annie Hall with Christopher Walken, Diane Keaton, and Sigourney Weaver.

Dec. 20, 1978: Appears in Every Which Way but Loose with Clint Eastwood.

Mar. 14, 1979: Appears in Hair.

Feb. 22, 1980: Sang all the songs in Coal Miner's Daughter with Tommy Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek. She plays the late Patsy Cline.

1981: Receives a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Supporting Role for Coal Miner's Daughter.

1981: Breaks up with director Milos Forman.

1981: Marries Duke Lorenzo Salviati.

July 29, 1983: Gets her big role in National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase, John Candy, Christie Brinkley, and Eugene Levy.

1984: Separates from Lorenzo Salviati.

1984: Receives Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Special for A Streetcar Named Desire.

July 22, 1985: Appears in National Lampoon's European Vacation with Chevy Chase.

Sept. 15, 1987: Appears in Aria with Elizabeth Hurley and Bridget Fonda.

Nov. 18, 1988: Appears in High Spirits with Liam Neeson, Peter O'Toole, and Jennifer Tilly.

Dec. 1, 1989: Appears in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

1991: Breaks up with Anton Furst. He committs suicide not long after.

July 17, 1992: Appears in Man Trouble with Jack Nicholson.

Mar. 11, 1994: Appears in Lightning Jack with Cuba Gooding, Jr.

1995: Divorces Lorenzo Salviati.

Jan. 12, 1996: Appears in Eye for an Eye with Ed Harris, Kiefer Sutherland, and Sally Field.

1997: Begins dating Al Pacino.

Feb. 14, 1997: Appears in Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

May 9, 1997: Appears in Nowhere with Traci Lords, Shannen Doherty, Christina Applegate, Denise Richards, and John Ritter.

May 21, 1998: Appears in Illuminata with Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon.

Oct. 30, 1998: Appears in American History X with Edward Norton.

Jan. 25, 2001: Gives birth to twins Olivia & Anton. Al Pacino is the father.

2001: Breaks up with Al Pacino.

May 18, 2004: She and Al Pacino settle their long fight over child support.

2004: Appears in King of the Corner.

2005: Appears in Relative Strangers.

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