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Billy Zane Timeline

Feb. 24, 1966: William Zanetakos (William George Zane, Jr.) is born to George and Thalia Zane in Chicago, Illinois.

1973: Acts in his first play Silent Night, Deadly Night.

1979: Makes movies with his dad's Super 8 camera. Gets some city workers to chase his sister Lisa down a beach with a bulldozer to recreate Alfred Hitchcock's cropduster scene in North by Northwest.

1982: Attends the American School in Switzerland.

1984: Graduates from Francis Parker High School in Chicago with fellow classmates Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Beals. He moves to Los Angeles and almost upon arrival gets a small part in Back to the Future as a bully.

July 3, 1985: Debuts as Match in Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

1989: Marries actress Lisa Collins.

Apr. 7, 1989: Stars as Hughie Warriner in Philip Noyce's Dead Calm.

Nov.2, 1989: Stars as Match in Back to the Future Part II with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

1995: Divorces Lisa Collins.

Dec. 19, 1997: Stars as the rich snob Cal Hockley in Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

1999: Takes part in the first Gumball 3000 rally, riding in a 1964 Aston Martin DB5.

June 1999: He proposes to Leonor Varlea at the rehearsal of the Celebration of the Lizard. She accepts.

April 2000: They move into a Manhattan apartment.

July 4, 2000: Upstages Jennifer Lopez at a Fourth of July weekend shindig as he surfaces from a swimming pool in a wetsuit and unzips to reveal a white tuxedo.

Sept. 12, 2000: Entertainment Tonight says engagement is off.

Sept. 18, 2000: Star Magazine announces engagement is off.

Nov. 9, 2000: Flies to Paris to try to win Leonor back but it's too late, she's dating a producer.

Jan. 2001: Billy and Leonor officially break up.

Sept. 28, 2001: Stars as himself in Zoolander with Ben Stiller.

Sept. 17 2002: Plays the voice of Ansem in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

Sept.14, 2004: The National Post reports that Billy Zane the other goes for a stroll in Toronto and comes across a Jesus Parade. He begins taking pictures with his 35mm camera when the wave of Jesus followers carries him away.

July 26, 2005: British model Kelly Brook is seen in a Kent, England launderette without the $54,000 engagement ring he gave to her.

Sept. 11, 2005: He and Kelly Brook, Celebrity Love Island presenter, are getting ready to have a tradional marriage in the The Blazing Donkey, an English pub.

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