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Donald Trump Timeline

June 14, 1946
Donald John Trump is born in New York City to Frederick C. Trump, a billionaire real estate developer, and Mary MacLeod.
Graduates from New York Military Academy. Getting ready for college, he considers going to film school but decides to study real estate intead.
Graduates from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in economics. After graduation, he moves home to New York City to work for his father's company, The Trump Organization.
Trump marries Czech model Ivana Zelnińćkova (now known as Ivana Trump).
Dec. 31, 1977
Ivana gives birth to Donald Trump, Jr.
Oct. 30, 1981
Ivana gives birth to Ivanka Trump.
Ivana gives birth to Eric Trump.
Trump's empire begins to crumble and, with over $900 million in debt, he faces bankruptcy.
His three casinos, The Taj Mahal, The Castle and The Plaza, go bankrupt.
Trump and Ivana divorce.
Trump marries Marla Maples.
Oct. 13, 1993
Marla gives birth to daughter Tiffany Trump.
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, under the symbol DJT, goes public.
Nov. 18, 1999
On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Matthews asks Trump why he's still undecided about running for president and whether it's because he's worried about running on the Reform ticket. Trump says: "It's not so much the Reform Party, it's really the fact that I'd want to make that if I ran and spent a lot of money I could actually win, I could beat that Democrat-Republican apparatus."
June 8, 1999
Trump and Maples divorce.
June 25, 1999
Trump's father, Fred Trump, dies.
Jan. 2000
Trump tells Fortune magazine: "If I feel I could win--win--then I'd run. I think I have a good chance." He also says: "It's very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it."
Feb. 13, 2000
Donald announces that he will not run for president. Speculated reasons include the chaos within the Reform Party and rising poll numbers for John McCain.
Trump gives $2,000 each to 2004 Presidential candidates John Kerry and George W. Bush.
Aug. 2004
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts announces that it will restructure its $1.8 billion debt by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Under the plan, Trump's share in the company will drop from 56% to 25%. He also gives up trademark rights to his name and likeness in conjunction with casino operations.
Sept. 2004
Trump's reality show, The Apprentice, premieres on NBC and becomes a huge ratings hit. The catchphrase, "You're fired," sweeps the nation.
April 26, 2004
Trump proposes to Slovenian model Melania Knauss.
Jan. 22, 2005
Trump and Knauss marry at Bethesda by the Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida.
Sept. 27, 2005
It is announced that Knauss is pregnant.
At the 2005 Emmy Awards, Trump and Megan Mullally (from the tv show, Will & Grace) sing the Green Acres theme song together. Trump, uncharacteristically casual in overalls, steals the show.
Oct. 20, 2005
Donald Trump tells ABC news that Martha's version of the Apprentice has hurt the ratings of his own Apprentice. He says: "I think it probably hurt mine, and I sort of predicted that it would ... a lot of people were even upset that this was done. But I really feel that there was a certain amount of confusion which hurt the original Apprentice."

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