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Doris Day Timeline

April 3, 1924
Born as Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff in Evanston, Ohio to Catholic, German immigrants. She is named Doris after actress Doris Kenyon.
Gets a Hollywood contract and moves to Hollywood with dance partner Jerry Doherty.
After injuring her leg in a car accident, she abandons dancing to focus on singing.
March 1941
Marries trombonist Al Jorden. It is reported that he physically abused her.
Feb. 8, 1942
Gives birth to her only child, Terry.
Divorces Al Jorden.
Late 1940s
Changes her last name from Kappelhoff to Day on the advice of friend Barney Rapp. She chooses Day after the song "Day After Day."
Records the hit, "A Sentimental Journey," with the Les Brown orchestra. The song goes to #1 on the charts and Day becomes a huge singing star.
March 30, 1946
Marries saxophonist George Weidler.
Nov. 1946
She and Weidler divorce after only eight months of marriage.
Feb. 1947
Begins her solo career with Columbia Records.
Releases the single, "Love Somebody," with Buddy Clark.
Appears in her first film, Romance on the High Seas.
Releases the single, "It's Magic," on Columbia Records. It spends 21 weeks on the Billboard charts and goes as high as #2.
Marries her third husband, Marty Melcher, on her 27th birthday. Melcher adopts Day's son Terry, who becomes Terry Melcher.
Releases the single, "A Guy Is A Guy," on Columbia Records. The song goes to #1 on the Billboard charts.
Stars in Calamity Jane with Howard Keel. The single from the movie, entitled "Secret Love," reaches #1 on the Billboard charts and receives the Academy Award for Best Song in a Movie.
Stars in Young at Heart with Frank Sinatra, Dorothy Malone, Gig Young and Ethel Barrymore.
Portrays singer Ruth Etting in Love Me or Leave Me with James Cagney.
Stars in Julie.
Stars in the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Man Who Knew Too Much, with Jimmy Stewart. In the film she sings the famous song, "Que Será, Será." It goes to #1 on the Billboard chart and wins an Academy Award for Best Song.
Stars in Pajama Game.
Stars in Teacher's Pet with Clark Gable
Stars in Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson and Tony Randall. Day is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.
Stars in Midnight Lace with Rex Harrison, John Gavin and Roddy McDowall. Day is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress.
Stars in Lover Come Back with Rock Hudson.
Stars in That Touch of Mink with Cary Grant. Day wins a Golden Laurel award for Top Female Comedy Performance.
Stars in Move Over, Darling.
Stars in With Six You Get Eggroll with Brian Keith.
Stars in Send Me No Flowers with Rock Hudson.
Husband Marty Melcher dies. It is discovered after his death that he spent all her money and left her bankrupt and in serious debt. It takes her many years to get out of debt.
Her sitcom, The Doris Day Show, premieres on CBS. It runs until 1973. The theme song for the show is "Que Será, Será."
Sly & the Family Stone covers her song, "Que Será, Será."
April 14, 1976
Marries Barry Comden.
Divorces Barry Comden.
July 16 1985
Her new cable show, Doris Day's Best Friends, premieres on the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN). Rock Hudson is a guest on the first show. People are shocked to see how emaciated and sickly he appears and the state of his health becomes the talk of Hollywood.
June 23, 2004
She is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush. She doesn't attend the ceremony due to a fear of flying. She says: "I am deeply grateful to the president and to my country ... to come from Cincinnati, Ohio for God's sake, then to go to Hollywood, and to get this kind of tribute from my country ... I love this country so much ..."
Nov. 2004
Her son Terry dies after a long fight with malignant melanoma at the age of 62.
Oct. 2005
She writes a message on the Doris Day Animal Fund website. It reads, in part: "In cooperation with the Santa Cruz SPCA, the Doris Day Animal Foundation has been given the opportunity to airlift 130 dogs and cats out of several overcrowded Louisiana shelters. Our rescue mission is called OPERATION JUST PAWS. These precious angels are the silent victims of Hurricane Katrina and I’m so grateful that we can contribute to this humanitarian effort."

Doris Day

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