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Edward Norton Timeline

Aug. 8, 1969: Born as Edward Harrison Norton VII in Boston, Massachusetts (grew up in Columbia, Maryland) to Robin and Edward M. Norton, Jr. Has two younger siblings, Molly and James.

1985: Graduates from Wilde Lake High School.

1991: Graduates from Yale with a B.A. in History.

April 3, 1996: Plays Aaron Stampler, an alter boy, in Primal Fear which leads to an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Dec. 25, 1996: Plays a lawyer in The People vs. Larry Flynt and dates co-star Courtney Love.

Jan. 3, 1997: Appears in Woody Allen's musical, Everyone Says I Love You.

March 6, 1997: Mother dies of a brain tumor.

1998: Plays a white supremacist in Tony Kaye's American History X. Arnold Schwarzenegger, after seeing the movie, calls Norton and asks him what cycle of steroids he had gone on to bulk up so quickly. Norton tells him he ate and worked-out non-stop for three months.

Sept. 11, 1998: Stars in Rounders. Norton's character is supposed to smoke, but he refuses.

May 1998: Matt Damon and Norton play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Dec. 1998: Norton plays guitar with Courtney Love's band, Hole, for two gigs in Los Angeles.

1998: Ends relationship with Courtney Love.

1999: Plays an insomniac accident investigator for a bigtime car company in Fight Club. During filming he and Brad Pitt take soap making classes. Norton dates Salma Hayek.

2001: Plays Jack Teller alongside Robert De Niro in The Score.

2002: Plays Sheldon Mopes, a.k.a. Smoochy the Rhino alongside Robin Williams in the quirky Death to Smoochy. Also appears in Frida, Red Dragon, and 25th Hour.

Nov. 30, 2002: The Italian Job, a remake of the 60s hit, begins production. Norton wants no part of it but only fufills contract obligation because he doesn't want Paramount to take him to court.

2003: Plays, the double-crosser in The Italian Job.

August 14, 2003: Salma Hayek stops seeing Norton.

Aug. 28, 2003: Former flame Courtney Love says Norton and Hayek never would have gotten married because he had no idea what she was saying. She later apologized.

Sept. 5, 2003: Begins seeing former supermodel Helena Christensen.

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