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Harry Morgan Timeline

April 10, 1915: Born as Henry Bratsburg in Detroit, Michigan of Nowegian descent.

1930s: Sells office equipment with Shaw Walker in Washington, D.C., trying out for summer stock parts with local theater groups in his spare time.

1937: Joins a small theater group and makes his stage debut in At Mrs. Beam's alongside Frances Farmer and Mildred Natwick.

1940: Marries Eileen Detchon.

1942: Moves to California. Appears in William Saroyan's one-act play, Hello, Out There, where he was spotted by a Twentieth Century Fox talent scout.

1942: Using the screen name Henry Morgan, he makes his screen debut in the film, To the Shores of Tripoli. He later changes his screen name to Henry "Harry" Morgan and finally to Harry Morgan.

1946: Stars in the feature film, Dragonwyck.

1950: Stars in the film noir movie, Dark City, alongside his future Dragnet co-star Jack Webb.

1951: Stars again with Jack Webb in the noir film, Appointment with Danger.

1953: Stars in the feature film, The Glenn Miller Story.

1960: Plays the judge in the film, Inherit the Wind.

1960: On television, plays the character of Pete on Pete and Gladys until 1962.

1962: Stars in How The West Was Won.

1966: Stars in the feature film, Frankie and Johnny.

1967: Stars as Officer Bill Gannon, Joe Friday's partner, in the television series, Dragnet, until 1970.

1969: Stars in the feature film, Support Your Local Sheriff.

Sept. 10, 1974: Guest stars as a crazy general on a third-season episode of M*A*S*H entitled "The General Flipped at Dawn."

Dec. 19, 1975: Joins the cast of M*A*S*H in the role of Colonel Sherman T. Potter, replacing McLean Stevenson as the commander of the 4077th.

He had four sons with his first wife, Christopher, Charles, Paul and Daniel (who died in 1982).

1980: Morgan wins an Emmy for his performace as Colonel Sherman T. Potter on M*A*S*H.

1984: Morgan reprises the role of Harry Potter in the M*A*S*H spin-off series, After M*A*S*H.

1982: His son Daniel dies.

1985: His wife Eileen dies.

1998: Marries his second wife, Barbara Bushman Quine, a granddaughter of Francis X. Bushman.

2002: Appears on "M*A*S*H: 30th Anniversary Reunion".

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