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Ivana Trump Timeline

Feb. 20, 1949
Ivana Marie Zelničkova Winkmayr is born in Gottwaldov, Moravia in the former Czechoslovakia.
She is selected as an alternate on the 1968 Czechoslovakian Olympic Ski Team, allowing her to travel outside the Soviet Bloc and get a taste for life in the West.
She attends Charles University in Prague and receives a master's degree in physical education.
Ivana moves to Montreal, Canada and works as a model.
Divorces George Syrovatka.
She moves to New York City to promote the Montreal Olympics.
April 9, 1977
Ivana marries up-and-coming real estate mogul Donald Trump.
Dec. 31, 1977
Gives birth to Donald Trump, Jr.
Oct. 30, 1981
Gives birth to Ivanka Trump.
Gives birth to Eric Trump.
March 22, 1991
Ivana and Trump's divorce is finalized.
Publishes her first book, For Love Alone.
Dec. 25, 1994
Becomes engaged to boyfriend Riccardo Mazzuccelli.
Publishes her third book, The Best Is Yet to Come. The book is guide on how to handle divorce and delves into some details about her marriage to Trump. Of the book, Trump says: "As I've told Ivana, I don't believe the book is necessary or appropriate. But if it's something she wants to do, it's okay with me."
June 17, 1995
Marries Riccardo Mazzucchelli.
Jan. 7, 1996
Ivana makes a cameo appearance on the TV adaptation of her book, For Love Alone. She wears clothing from her clothing and jewelry line, House of Ivana, during the appearance.
Sept. 20, 1996
Appears as herself in The First Wives Club with Elizabeth Berkley, Kathie Lee Gifford, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Bette Midler, and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Divorces Riccardo Mazzucchelli.
May 1997
Ivana ends her business relationship with the Home Shopping Network.
July 1997
After husband Mazzucchelli speaks publicly about the couple's marital problems, telling the National Enquirer that he dumped her, Ivana sues him for $15 million. She also claims that she dumped him.

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