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Jennifer Aniston Timeline

Feb. 11, 1969
Jennifer Joanne Aniston is born in Sherman Oaks, California to Nancy and John Aniston.
Parents divorce and she is raised by her mother in New York City.
Joins Rudolf Steiner School's drama club after being inspired by Broadway's Children of A Lesser God. One of her paintings is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Attends New York's High School of the Performing Arts.
Graduates from New York's High School of the Performing Arts. Appears in For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker's Grave, two off-Broadway productions.
Lives at home with her mother and flips burgers at Jackson Hole in Manhattan.
Moves out west and meets Matthew Perry. Becomes a regular on the TV series Molloy.
Appears in the tv series, Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Wins a role in horror comedy Leprechaun.
Wins the role of Rachel Green on the sitcom, Friends, with Courtney Cox-Arquette, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer. She is asked to lose weight for the role and does, a total of thirty pounds. The show runs for ten years.
Dates Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz.
Aug. 1, 1997
Stars in the movie, Picture Perfect with Kevin Bacon.
Goes on a blind date with Brad Pitt.
Hosts Saturday Night Live and does a skit that makes fun of Brad Pitt's stalker, aspiring actress Athena Marie Rolando.
Feb. 1999
Unbeknownst to her at the time, while sunbathing nude in her backyard, a paparazzo climbs her eight foot wall and takes pictures. Later this year, Celebrity Skin, and numerous other magazines publish the photos.
July 29, 2000
Aniston and Pitt marry in Malibu, California in a seaside ceremony.
Aug. 7, 2000
Sues Celebrity Skin magazine for publishing nude photos of her sunbathing in her backyard.
Oct. 25th, 2000
Legally changes her name to Jennifer Pitt, while continuing to use the Aniston surname in her acting career.
April 26, 2001
Aniston kisses Winona Ryder on Friends during sweeps week.
Jan. 7, 2001
Wins her first People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Television Performer.
Aug. 17, 2002
Stars in The Good Girl.
Sept. 23, 2002
Wins an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.
Jan. 11, 2002
She and Brad Pitt come to terms with Damiani International Jewelers, who broke their promise not to reproduce their wedding rings.
Jan. 15, 2002
Suffers minor injuring during a car accident in L.A.
Jan. 19. 2003
Wins the "Best Performance by an Actress" Golden Globe for her performance on Friends.
Nov. 20, 2003
Photographer Francois Navarre pays $550,000 in damages for taking nude pics of Aniston in her backyard.
Jan. 26, 2004
Friends is officially cancelled.
Jan. 22, 2004
Stars alongside Ben Stiller in the comedy, Along Came Polly.
July 20, 2004
Pitt buys Aniston a yacht for her birthday. The yacht, named the Kalizma, is the same one that Richard Burton purchased for Elizabeth Taylor in 1967.
Jan. 7, 2005
Aniston and Pitt split.
Aug. 11, 2005
A British newspaper publishes photos of Aniston with Vince Vaughn, sparking rumors they are an item.
Aug. 2005
In a Vanity Fair interview, Aniston says Pitt lacks a "sensitivity chip."
March 25, 2005
Aniston files for divorce from Pitt.
Aug. 25, 2005
David Hesterbey of Santa Barbara is arrested for trespassing on Aniston's property and walking into her home.
Sept. 1, 2005
Aniston takes out a restraining order against Hesterbey.
Sept. 2, 2005
It's reported that she and Pitt both abandon their giant wedding picture at their marital home because neither one can stand looking at it.
Oct. 2, 2005
The divorce is finalized.
Oct. 2005
People magazine publishes photos of Aniston and Vince Vaughn kissing, fueling rumors that the two, who recently filmed The Break Up together, are a couple.
Stars in Derailed with Clive Owen.
Nov. 29, 2005
Aniston and Vaughn are pulled over for a "minor traffic infraction" by police while driving in Scottsdale, Arizona. Police detect an "odour of alcohol" in the car and test Vaughn's blood alcohol levels. They find he is below the legal limit but advise him not to drive. Vaugn and Aniston reportedly leave their car on the side of the road and drive off with friends.
Dec. 3, 2005
Aniston's attorney, John Lavely, sends a letter to the media warning them not to publish topless photos taken by paparazzo Peter Brandt. The letter warns that any publication printing these photos will be subject to "substantial monetary damages."
Dec. 22, 2005
The Rob Reiner film, Rumor Has It, is released starring Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, and Richard Jenkins. In the film, Aniston's character finds out her grandmother (played by MacLaine) may have been the inspiration for the Mrs. Robinson character in the 1967 film, The Graduate.

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