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Jennifer Garner Timeline

Apr. 17, 1972: Born as Jennifer Anne Garner in Houston, Texas to Bill and Pat Garner.

1975: Family moves to Charleston, West Virginia.

1987: At George Washington High School some of her extra-curricular activities involve taking up the saxophone, dancing, and theater.

1990: Graduates from George Washington High School.

Late 1990: Majoring in Chemistry, she attends Dennison University.

1994: Graduates from Dennison majoring in theater.

1995: Visits a friend in New York City and decides to stay there and live her dream to be an actress. Gets a job as an understudy in A Month From the Country, a Broadway production that pays $150 a week. For extra money she works at Isabella's, a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side.

Sept 17, 1995: Makes film debut in the TV movie Zoya, based on Danielle Steel's novel of the same title.

Nov. 24, 1998: Makes her first appearance on Felicity as Hannah Bibb and she meets Scott Foley.

1999: She and Scott buy a house.

Oct. 19, 2000: Marries Scott Foley.

2001: Plays and stars as Agent Sydney Bristow in the TV series Alias.

May 25, 2001: Plays the goofy Nurse Sandra in Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Oct. 12, 2001: Makes her first appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Jan. 2002: Wins a Golden Globe.

Feb. 14, 2003: Plays Elektra Natchios in Daredevil with future husband Ben Affleck. Acquires plenty of bruises from doing all her own stunts.

Feb. 15, 2003: Hosts Saturday Night Live.

Mar. 30, 2003: Breaks up with Scott Foley.

Apr. 23, 2004: Plays Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30.

Jan. 14, 2005: Stars as Elektra.

May 7, 2005: Rumors surface that she is pregant with Ben Affleck's baby.

June 29, 2005: Marries Ben Affleck and confirms they are expecting a baby.

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