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Jessica Alba Timeline

April 28, 1981
Jessica Marie Alba is born to Cathy and Mark Alba in Pomono, California.
Begins an eight year history with the hospital, involving asthma attacks, kidney infections, and steroid injections to open up her lungs. Running outside is only possible with the help of a breathing machine.
Preschool teacher forces her to write with her right hand, even though she's left-handed.
Took dance classes but didn't have fun due to the fact she's a foot taller and twenty pounds heavier than everybody else.
Acquires an appreciation for wine thanks to her parents who realized she was going to drink anyway so best to let her do it at home.
Aug. 26, 1994
Plays Gail and debuts in Camp Nowhere.
During her time as Maya in the TV series Flipper, she kept receiving threatening phone calls. One night a group of men kidnapped her and tied her up, gagged her, and threw in the back of the trunk of a car. She was eventually found unharmed.
Graduates from high school.
Early 1997
Joins the the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School in Vermont.
Loses her virginity.
April 9, 1999
Stars with Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed .
April 30, 1999
Stars in Idle Hands.
Jan. 1, 2000
Stars in Paranoid.
Oct. 2000
Career officially launches when she lands the part as Max Guevara on the TV series Dark Angel on FOX.
May 2001
Gets engaged to actor Michael Weatherly.
Jan. 1, 2002
Stars in The Sleeping Dictionary. She uses a body double for the nude scenes.
Dec. 5, 2003
Stars in Honey.
Jan. 3, 2004
Begins dating actor Mark Wahlberg.
April 4, 2005
Stars with Bruce Willis in Sin City. The same day she lets it be known Bruce Willis was scared to kiss her and wanted to change the scene. She says, "He got nervous - Bruce Willis! It was really cute, 'cause it's like this man, Die Hard and Moonlighting."
June 26, 2005
Says male actors are not as tough as they may seem on screen. She says on the Dark Angel set when guys were accidentally hurt, they'd take a twenty minute break and request X-rays.
July 8, 2005
Stars in the Fantastic Four.
July 10, 2005
Warns all women to stay away from her boyfriend Cash Warren. Admits she is the jealous type.
July 18, 2005
Announces her mom gets after her all the time for not wearing her glasses or contact lenses.
July 20, 2005
Isn't impressed with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for using their supposed love life to boost their careers. She also states, "I don't date actors and I don't date people to get ahead in my career."
Aug. 27, 2005
Rapper Sue Knight is shot and wounded in the leg just seconds after Alba and Joss Stone leave the same table.
Sept. 30, 2005
Stars in Into the Blue.

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