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Jodie Foster Timeline

Nov. 19, 1962: Born as Alicia Christian Foster at 8:14 AM PST in Los Angeles, California to Evelyn and Lucius Foster III. Her dad, Lucius Foster III, leaves the family months before she is born.

1964: Begins to appear in commercials. Her first one has a dog pulling down her bikini to reveal her bottom in a Coppertone suntan lotion commercial.

1965: Begins to read on her own.

Nov. 18, 1968: Makes her screen debut in Mayberry RFD.

1970: Has appeared in over forty commercials by this time.

July19, 1972: Makes film debut in Napoleon and Samantha with Michael Douglas.

Aug. 6, 1972: Plays Rita in Kansas City Bomber with Raquel Welch.

Oct. 3, 1973: Plays Sharon Lee in Rookie of the Year.

1973: Plays Martha McIver in One Little Indian, with James Garner.

1976: She is now fluent in French.

Nov. 1976: Hosts Saturday Night Live.

Feb. 6, 1976: Plays Deirdre Striden in Echoes Of A Summer.

Feb. 8, 1976: Plays Iris Steensma in Taxi Driver, with Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel, and Cybill Shepherd. Her sister Constance Foster, does her nude scenes. She is quoted as saying, "I spent four hours with a shrink trying to prove I was normal enough to play a hooker. Does that make sense?"

Nov. 4, 1996: Plays Tallulah in Bugsy Malone.

1980: Graduates valedictorian from Los Angeles Lycee Francais, in Los Angeles, CA.

Mar. 30, 1981: John Hinckley attempts to assassinate President Reagan after stalking Jodie Foster months before at Yale. In the New York Times, he writes, "The most important thing in my life is Jodie Foster's love and admiration. If I can't have them, neither can anyone else. We are a historical couple, like Napoleon and Josephine, and a romantic couple like Romeo and Juliet."

Apr., 1981: The press invades Yale and stalks Jodie Foster at every corner.

Late 1981: Edward Richardson also takes credit for stalking her with a gun but had decided that she was too pretty to kill. It takes Foster years to recover from all of this. She would end any interviews that steer to the name "John Hinckley."

1985: Graduates magna cum laude with a BA in literature from Yale University.

Oct. 14, 1988: Plays Sarah Tobias in The Accused.

Jan. 30, 1990: Plays Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs with Anthony Hopkins.

1993: Meets Cydney Bernard on the set of Sommersby. They become the best of friends, move into together, and have been living with each other ever since.

Feb. 5, 1993: Plays Laurel Sommersby in Sommersby, with Richard Gere.

May 20, 1994: Plays Mrs. Annabelle Bransford in Maverick, with Mel Gibson, James Coburn, and James Garner.

1997: Receives an Honorary Doctorate from Yale.

July 11, 1997: Plays Ellie Arroway in Contact.

July 20, 1998: Gives birth to Charles Foster and keeps the father a secret. The dad is rumored to be Randy Stone, a casting executive at 20th Century Fox. Another rumor has it that the biological father is an anonymous donor.

Dec. 6, 1999: Plays Anna Leonowens in Anna and the King.

Sept. 29, 2001: Gives birth to Kit Foster. Father unknown. She says she will let her children know who their dad, or dads, are when the time is right.

Jan. 8, 2002: Plays Sister Assumpta in The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.

Mar. 29, 2002: Plays Meg Altman in Panic Room.

Oct. 27, 2004: Plays Elodie Gordes in A Very Long Engagement.

Sept. 2005: Stars in Flightplan.

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