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Kate Hudson Timeline

April 19, 1979: Kate Garry Hudson is born in Los Angeles, California, to Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson.

Feb. 14, 1986: Makes film debut in Wildcats alongside Goldie Hawn.

Mar. 27, 1996: Plays Cory in Party of Five but after one episode her character is written out of the script.

Jan. 1, 1998: Plays Lorna in Ricochet River.

Feb. 26, 1999: Plays Cindy in 200 Cigarettes with Ben Affleck and Christina Ricci.

June 4, 1999: Plays Sky Davidson in Desert Blue.

Jan. 1, 2000: Plays Lucy in About Adam.

Apr. 21, 2000: Plays Naomi Preston in Gossip.

Sept. 15, 2000: Plays Penny Lane in Almost Famous.

Oct. 13, 2000: Plays Dee Dee in Dr T and the Women with Richard Gere.

Oct. 14, 2000: Hosts Saturday Night Live.

2001: In an unaccredited role, she plays Chrissie Campbell in The Cutting Room.

Jan. 2, 2001: Marries Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson.

Sept. 20, 2002: Plays Ethne in The Four Feathers co-starring
Heath Ledger.

Feb. 7, 2003: Plays Andie Anderson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days alongside Matthew McConaughey.

June 20, 2003: Plays Emma Dinsmore/Ylva/Elsa/Eldora/Anna in Alex and Emma co-starring Luke Wilson.

Aug. 8, 2003: Plays Isabel Walker in Le Divorce.

May 28, 2004: Plays Hellen Harris in Raising Helen.

Jan. 7, 2004: Gives birth to Ryder Russell Robinson, giving the middle name in honor of stepfather Kurt Russell.

Aug. 12, 2005: Plays Caroline in The Skeleton Key.

2005: Plays Emma Corrigan in Can You Keep a Secret.

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