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Lucille Ball Timeline

Aug. 6, 1911
Lucille Desiree Ball born in Jamestown, N.Y.
Attends the John Murray Anderson-Robert Milton Dramatics School in New York City alongside fellow student Bette Davis, but drops out after only 12 months after her acting coach tells her she will never make it as an actress.
At a birthday party for Lucy's brother, Fred, their grandfather allows a girl to fire a gun. The girl accidentally shoots a neighborhood boy, who becomes a paraplegic and dies five years later. Lucy is afraid of guns for the rest of her life.
Returns to New York.
Lands a job as a Chesterfield poster girl.
Signs movie contract with Samuel Goldwyn and moves to Hollywood.
Meets Desi Arnaz while filming Too Many Girls.

Nov. 30, 1940

Lucy and Desi marry in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Aug. 13, 1942
Stars in The Big Street alongside Henry Fonda.
Aug. 13, 1943
Stars in Du Barry Was A Lady alongside Red Skelton.
Stars on the radio hit, My Favorite Husband, alongside Richard Denning. The show becomes the basis for the future I Love Lucy tv show.
July 4, 1949
Stars with Bob Hope in Sorrowful Jones.
July 19, 1950
Stars a second time with Bob Hope in Fancy Pants.
July 17, 1951
Lucy gives birth to her first child, Lucie Arnaz.
Oct. 15, 1951
I Love Lucy premieres on CBS.
Lucy, pregnant with Desi, Jr., becomes the first woman in television history to show her pregnancy, even though producers would not allow her to say the word "pregnant".
Jan. 19, 1953
Lucy gives birth to Desi Arnaz, Jr, the same day that the historic episode, "Lucy Goes to the Hospital" (to give birth) airs to an audience of 54 million people.
After 179 episodes, the final episode of I Love Lucy airs.
The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show airs.
Lucy and Desi divorce.
Lucy marries producer Gary Morton.
The Lucy Show debuts with Lucy and Vivian Vance.
Lucy buys out Desi and becomes the president of Desilu Productions and the only female head of a Hollywood production company.
Sells Desilu to Gulf & Western and forms her own production company, Lucille Ball Productions.
Lucille Ball Productions produces Lucy's third series, Here's Lucy.
April 24, 1968
Stars alongside Henry Fonda in Yours, Mine and Ours.
CBS cancels Here's Lucy.
Aug. 19, 1979
Vivian Vance dies.
May 18, 1982
Lucy hosts a tv special called "The Best of Three's Company".
Lucy is awarded the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Lifetime Achievement Citation for acting.
Nov. 5, 1985
Plays a bag lady in the CBS movie, Stone Pillow.
Her fourth tv show, Life with Lucy, premieres on ABC and is cancelled after only eight weeks.
Dec. 2, 1986
Desi dies of lung cancer.
March 29, 1989
Lucy makes one of her last appearances on the 61st Annual Academy Awards.
April 26, 1989
Lucy dies while recovering from heart surgery.

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