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Nicole Kidman Timeline

June 20, 1967: Nicole Mary Kidman is born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Dr. Antony David Kidman and Janelle Ann MacNeille. She is an American citizen by birth and has dual Australian citizenship.

1983: At the age of 15, Kidman appears in a Pat Wilson music video for the song, Bop Girl.

1989: Kidman appears in Dead Calm co-starring Billy Zane and Sam Neill.

1990: Kidman has her American screen debut in Days of Thunder, co-starring Tom Cruise.

Dec. 24, 1990: Kidman and Cruise marry in Telluride, Colorado.

1992: Kidman stars with Cruise in Ron Howard's Far and Away.

1995: Stars in Batman Forever.

1995: Stars in To Die For.

Wins Golden Globe for her role in To Die For.

1999: Kidman and Cruise star in Stanley Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut.

2001: Stars in Moulin Rouge with Ewan McGregor.

2001: Stars in The Others.

2002: Stars in The Hours in which she famously wore a prosthetic nose to make herself look more like Virgina Woolf.

2003: Wins an Academy Award for Best Actress for The Hours.

2003: Stars in Dogville

2003: Stars in The Human Stain.

2004: Stars in Cold Mountain with Jude Law.

2004: Stars in a remake of the Stepford Wives with Glenn Close, Bette Middler, and Faith Hill.

2004: Stars in Birth.

Aug. 2004: Australian magazine BRW lists Kidman as the richest Australian woman under the age of 40.

Jan. 2005: Kidman wins interim restraining orders against two Australian paparazzi.

2005: Listed 45th Most Powerful Celebrity on the 2005 Forbes Celebrity 100 List.

Aug. 1, 2005: Rumors that Kidman is dating Australian country singer Keith Urban hit the gossip rags.

2005: Stars in the remake of Bewitched with Will Farrell.

Aug. 17, 2005: Kidman is announced as one of 100 stars to be included in London's "Avenue of the Stars," located in the Covent Garden market within the courtyard of St. Paul's Church.

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