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Pamela Anderson Timeline

July 1, 1967: Born as Pamela Denise Anderson in Ladysmith, British Columbia. She is Canada's first baby born on its Centennial Day and so at the very moment of her birth she is famous, becoming Canada's Centennial Baby.

1985: Graduates Highland Secondary School.

1989: She attends a B.C. Lions football game wearing a Labatts' beer T-shirt. She ends up on the stadium screen and the crowd erupts. Because of this, Labatts hires her to promote their product as the "Blue Zone" girl.

Oct. 1989: Appears on her first, of many, Playboy covers.

Feb. 1990: Playboy Playmate of the Month.

1991: Plays Lisa in the TV series Home Improvement.

Feb. 1991: Appears on her second Playboy cover.

Oct. 11, 1991: Debuts in her first movie as a cheerleader, albeit briefly, in The Taking of Beverly Hills.

1992: Plays Casey Jean 'C.J.' Parker on the TV series Baywatch.

July 1992: Appears on her third Playboy cover.

Aug. 1993: Appears on her fourth Playboy cover.

Nov. 1994: Appears on her fifth Playboy cover.

1995: Has miscarriage while filming Barb Wire.

Feb. 14, 1995: Meets Tommy Lee.

Feb. 18, 1995: Marries Tommy Lee.

Jan. 1996: Appears on her sixth Playboy cover.

May 3, 1996: Plays Barbara 'Barb Wire' Kopetski in Barb Wire.

Apr. 1996: Pamela and Tommy Lee sue Penthouse for possessing a stolen sex tape of the pair.

Nov. 1996: Files for divorce from Tommy Lee due to "irreconcilable differences."

Dec. 1996: She cancels the divorce.

June 6, 1996: Gives birth to first child, Brandon Thomas.

Sept. 1997: Appears on her seventh Playboy cover.

Dec. 29, 1997: Gives birth to her second son, Dylan Jagger, with the help of a midwife.

Jan. 1, 1998: The court rules on Pamela's side to ban the sex tape from appearing on the Internet.

Feb. 26, 1998: Pamela files for divorce after Tommy Lee attacks her while she is holding their son Dylan.

Apr. 8, 1998: Tommy Lee is sentenced to six months in jail.

June 1998: Appears on her eighth Playboy cover.

Sept. 1998: Tommy Lee is released from jail but Pamela wants nothing to do with him.

Feb. 1999: Appears on her ninth Playboy cover.

Apr. 15, 1999: Has her breast implants taken out.

June 1999: Gets back together with Tommy Lee.

Mar. 4, 2004: Pamela is sued after her rottweiler bites a woman in the behind.

June 3, 2000: Waits a little over five months to turn Tommy Lee in for breaking his probation by drinking champagne on New Year's Eve. He serves five days in jail.

Mar. 6, 2001: Christine Roth, an obsessive fan, is found sleeping in Pamela's Malibu home.

Mar. 15, 2001: Christine Roth pleads guilty and is sent back to France, her native home, for counseling.

July 2001: Appears on her tenth Playboy cover.

Aug. 1, 2001: Marcus Schenkenberg proposes to Pamela Anderson.

Mar. 20, 2002: Confirms she has hepatitis C which she believes she got from sharing a tattoo needle with Tommy Lee.

Apr. 11, 2002: Kid Rock proposes marriage to Pamela in the desert outside of Las Vegas. She accepts.

May 2004: Appears on her eleventh Playboy cover. Also writes Mohini Bhardwaj a check for $20,000 so he can compete in the U.S. Olympic Trials.

May 12, 2004: Sworn in as an American citizen.

Aug. 3, 2004: Publishes first book, Star.

Apr. 3, 2005: Says Canadian women are more creative in bed than American women.

Apr. 5, 2005: Ends relationship with actor Stephen Dorff because she sees no future with him.

Apr. 13, 2005: Plays Skylar Dayton in the TV series Stacked.

Aug. 17, 2005: Pamela holds a gay ceremony on the beach for her two male pooches, Star and Luca.

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