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Sharon Stone Timeline

Mar. 10, 1958
Sharon Vonne Stone is born in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Testing reveals that she has an IQ of 153. She skips a grade in school and leaves Saegertown High School to attend Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.
She wins the the title of Miss Crawford County in Meadville. One of the pageant models advises her to quit school and become a model.
Her mother agrees that she could become a model so Sharon moves to New Jersey and moves in with her aunt. Four days after her arrival, the elite Ford Modeling Agency in New York signs her on.
1977 to 1979
Appears in commercials for Burger King, Maybelline, and Clairol.
Having enough of modeling abroad, she returns to New York and auditions for a part in Woody Allen's Stardust Memories.
Sept. 26, 1980
Makes a brief appearance in her debut movie, Woody Allen's Stardust Memories.
Marries television producer Michael Greenburg.
Breaks up with Michael Greenburg.
Divorce with Michael Greenburg finalized.
June 1, 1990
Plays Lori in Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Mar. 20, 1992
In her breakthrough role, she plays Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas.
Oct. 7, 1994
Plays May Munroe in The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone and James Woods.
Feb. 10, 1995
Plays Ellen in The Quick and the Dead with Russell Crowe and Gene Hackman.
Nov. 22, 1995
Plays Ginger McKenna in Casino with Robert De Niro and Don Rickles.
Feb. 14, 1998
Marries Phil Bronstein, editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Oct. 9, 1998
Plays Gwen Dillon in The Mighty.
Aug. 27, 1999
Plays Sarah in The Muse.
Feb. 10, 2000
Socorro Del Carmen Membrano, Sharon's former housemaid, is charged with stealing $300,000 worth of jewelry.
June 21, 2000
The official announcement is made that she has adopted a baby boy, naming him Roan Joseph Bronstein.
May 20, 2001
The Mail On Sunday, a British newspaper, reports that Sharon's marriage is in trouble because of pictures of her husband flirting with public relations girl Sarah Stabile.
June 9, 2001
She arranges a tour of a komodo dragon's cage at the Los Angeles Zoo for her husband Phil Bronstein on Father's Day. He goes in barefoot and the komodo dragon latches onto his foot, making it bleed.
Sept. 2001
Husband Phil Bronstein is ordered to take anger management therapy because fellow coworkers at San Francisco Chronicle are terrified of his outbursts.
Oct. 1, 2001
Rushed to hospital because of a brain aneurysm.
Oct. 10, 2001
Leaves hospital after successful surgery for a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Jan. 2002
18-month-old son Roan gives her a black eye.
Jan. 2004
Divorces Phil Bronstein.
During a television interview, she announces she is bisexual. She says, "Middle age is an open-minded period."
May 7, 2005
Adopts Laird Vonne Stone.

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